Video of Intro to Spiritual Warfare

A Youtube video of the opening session of the last conference called “Intro to Spiritual Warfare” can be seen by clicking this link:

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  1. Johnathon on March 28, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    Yes they fight. They are fallen agnels and they fight with holy agnels (Dan 10:12-13)And they fight with us (Eph 6:12-14)So it stands to reason that they being chaotic and evil would fight each other. No honor among thieves.Not every fight is to kill. They could fight to win power or prestige. Like the alpha-male struggle. Not to kill the other, only to cause to submit and therefore rise in power. Perhaps there are political struggles where they get others to side with them. Like demon gangs.In the end, we know what will happen to them (Rev 21).