The Irreducable Elements of the Mission-link movement

I have been challenged with a next step in the mission – to pull back once again and recast the vision in its simplest form. More and more I see the essential things in terms of daily rhythm: The simplest unit – a day in the life of… But what common things are basic enough to connect an entire movement?

We could look at common resources:

  • Shaping of Things to Come (Frost & Hirsch)
  • Forgotten Ways Handbook (Hirsch & Altclass)
  • 21 Most Powerful Minutes (Maxwell)
  • Boundaries (Coud & Townsend)
  • Messy Spirituality (Yaconelli)
  • Starfish & the Spider (Brafman & Beckstrom)

Or common tools we use:

  • Leadership in the Journey booklet
  • Lead-in manual
  • PCI (Personal Craziness Index)
  • Spiritual Gifts Inventory
  • Strengthsfinder

But I think the best thing I have seen so far are the five arms of the “starfish” (my comparison) from the second book on the list:

Jesus is Lord – The central confession of the true Spirit of God in our world, tying together all who belong to Him. This is the core DNA for the whole “fish” coming from the “head”, who lives in every cell of the Body.

  1. Apprenticing – The one thing Jesus gave for His disciples to do – with all the peoples of the world…He would build His Church, we do the disciple-making;
  2. Outward Thrust – The opposite of “in-grown”, we share a culture of engagement with the community, connecting at every opportunity to recontextualize the gospel;
  3. Empowering Environment – Called “apostolic genius” by Hirsch, it is a leadership culture that lifts the lids of everyone involved, giving away power and maximizing strengths;
  4. Decentralized Leadership – Called “Organic Systems”, where leadership culture is allowed to adapt to the individuals and the community they operate in, while still true to the DNA of the movement;
  5. Garden Relationships – Relationships in this movement are forged in the pain of growth, with those who stay recognizing that there is no growth without pain – we value grace all the more because we know the “way out is through”.

My next question is whether this is all simple enough to guide a movement. Please feel free to make comments!