Last Saturday we had some fun trying to hook a weight and lift it off the ground – Sounds easy, but try it when 13 people all have a string attached to the hook – and at first without looking! Mark here had the daunting job of trying to direct the group on how to pull their strings to guide the hook to the weight. Don’t feel bad, Mark, I’ve never seen it done that way! But once everyone could see what they were doing, the job was done in seconds!


This is a scary word to a lot of people. Maybe a lot of this is because we feel awkward asking someone to ‘follow’ me, like Jesus did, when our own life is so wobbly. We suggested that the invitation is not really to follow me, but to come and follow Jesus with me. Most of us could do that. It’s not one of us who is in the spotlight in the discipleship, it’s Jesus. Something I personally could not help noticing in the last few months was that making disciples was the ONE thing Jesus told His followers to do before He left…It was His last statement in the book of Matthew. He said that He would build the Church, and that we should make disciples. I think we have some flipping around to do on this one – So we are going to give it a shot: To ask others to come with us while we follow Jesus.

We are going to be at Lorsungs’ again this Saturday March 14th, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. It’s about six miles East of Cambridge on Hwy 95, turn into the driveway across from the balloons on the mailbox!

Bring your favorite chicken dish and a side or desert to share! We will be talking about branching into two or three home groups for next month, and the next two core values around what ‘leadership’ really is at the everyday level…and of course there will be some crazy game to get things going. 😉