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    WORSHIP (Personal Offering)

    Romans 12:1 speaks of an offering we make that parallels the Old Testament morning and evening offering – but the offering we make is ourselves!  This daily rhythm is the core of our ability to be led by the Spirit of God from the inside out, rather than seeking influence from our environment to guide our lives.

    During this offering time we identify a few simple things that we think God wants us to make a part of our day, or our week, as His “camping spot”, and we chart a path to make a habit of them. We also look to our…

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    KINSHIP (Covenant Relationships)

    We honor our life-long, family relationships and look for the influence of God in the way they reflect our true impact on those around us. These are the first place of impact of Christ outside our personal lives.

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    DISCIPLESHIP (Redemptive Friendships)

    These are weekly discipling groups of three or so for accountability in our growth. We take on responsibility for each other’s spiritual success, sharing our daily rhythms and struggles, agreeing together on what God is saying about us, and reminding each other that we are not alone.

    Seasons of Discipling - Mission link

    We are going from being watchers, to being partners with God (2Peter 1:4)We value and recognize relationships as “hot spots” for spiritual growth.

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    FELLOWSHIP (Walking with One another)

    Meeting in one another’s homes around a meal, worship, the Word, and ministry to one another is expressed in Acts 2:42.  Our home groups are multiplying as new start-up teams emerge from within existing groups.

    Disciple Tree - Mission link

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    APOSTLESHIP (Witness in the Community)

    This is the missional Rhythm 5 where we take what we have seen God doing in us and around us into public settings – Examples are: baptisms; doing a booth at the County Fair, “Jesus Meetings”; and the more usual opportunities like our work places, family gatherings,or social events. Most recently we are maintaining a regular teaching in a public forum.