Return Report – Monrovia Fellowship

Last week on Wednesday I rolled in on a 1:30 p.m. flight from Paris into the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport after spending three weeks in Monrovia, Liberia and the surrounding area. I had witnessed the birth of a new fellowship – 20 committing to discipleship and several requesting baptism.

In addition, a band of Liberian CMF missionaries were equipped with spiritual warfare teaching and returned from the field with great joy – like the 70 in Luke 10! I am so grateful to have seen this kind of fruit from my visit, and Peiwu will have additional stories to share when he returns after next week.

As the Lord provides, we will look for a chance to return to support the work, but we are confident that the Lord will see His work completed. As He said, He will build His Church – we are to make disciples. Please pray with us for the Lord’s direction and timing, and that those believers will continue to persevere with one another as they follow Jesus Christ together.