Today I was reading in 1Samuel 13 about how the Philistines had eradicated blacksmiths from the people of God to make sure no one could make weapons. It paints this picture of Saul, the first Israelite King, and his son Jonathan leading this army with no weapons. The king and his son were armed, but the people had been completely disarmed by the enemy’s strategy while they were in captivity.

I was hit with the realization that our spiritual enemy has done this to the Church. Where are those with the knowledge of spiritual warfare – those who know what 2 Cor 10:4 is talking about – who walk as Jesus did in setting captives free? Hasn’t there been a great shortage of “blacksmiths” among the people of God so that while we still see people respond to the gospel, they are not equipped to walk in victory and freedom? I think we need to quickly restore the ranks of the “blacksmiths” among people of faith – We have been far too vulnerable for too long.