Movement – Evidence of Life

You know when someone is not moving, we worry. Unless they are asleep, we feel as though something isn’t right if they are not moving. We instinctively know that the business of life requires movement – Processes. Energy has to be provided – calories burned. There is a cost to maintaining life.

I returned from Monrovia with this reality fresh in my mind. Here, I had been scheduling monthly training days with our house church group. Coming back from having met daily with the group in Monrovia, the difference in movement was obvious to me. I realized there was no continuity in a monthly meeting – and barely any by comparison in a weekly “event”. As I looked back on the fruit of different training formats that ran monthly, daily and weekly, I had to ask myself whether a movement of God didn’t require a more frequent rhythm. No one expects to earn a living going to work once a week. A “viable” (live) business requires daily attention. Why do we think we can give occasional attention to the Kingdom of God and see it grow?

Some years ago we were doing a monthly worship event that was open to the community called “Cambridge Vespers”. At one of the first events a man came up to me and asked,”Where are you going with this?” I wasn’t sure how to answer that, but a true answer would have been, “no where”. We weren’t going anywhere because we were not creating movement with a monthly event. This thing of following Jesus is an every day proposition. The rhythms of followership (see downloads “Five Rhythms”) are first daily, with some of them taking place less often. So, to teach this with more than words requires a daily showing up and walking together.

We will be getting into this in the “i-factor” training starting on Sunday (this site under “current events”) – The need for daily attention to our following of Jesus the Messiah. They say if you want to get something done, “ask a busy person”. I think it is easier to redirect movement than create it…What is the Spirit of God up to? Wherever He goes, he creates movement – growth – change. He disturbs our status quo. If you are ready for that, come join us on Sundays.