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God’s has a basic pattern for creating:     Typically from a  centrifuge…”

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As we have become students of the formation of the Church body in God’s Kingdom, we have noticed how the work of the Spirit begins with a manifestation of God’s power, then spreads through that which was created by that manifestation – all that comes out of it being shaped and empowered by the ground zero event.

 The Five Rhythms are expressions of this process – The manifesting of God’s power creates a community of all who witnessed it, who then form more close-knit groups, each of whom support the individuals whose lives were transformed in meaning, purpose, and destination. The order created accomplishes its work, down to each individual “body” which lives in the gravitational pull of the system created by the one, “ground-zero event”.

 This event is thereafter repeated in each “spin-off system” – an echo of the original creative power of God. These are what we refer to as Revivals, or Awakenings. They occur at a wide variety of magnitudes – from individuals, to communities, to global.