Making Circles

Did you ever notice that if someone asks a group to make a circle, people always face into the circle?…and if others approach the circle, people really don’t even like to make room for them to get in?

Well, we experimented with that a little last Saturday night – What if we faced our neighbor so we had one hand reaching into the circle and one reaching out, and we could keep it so others always felt invited by those on the outer ring?

That is kind of the idea with a home church network: personal connections with lots of loose ends for others to grab onto. We are taking a few more weeks to get to know each other in the big group, then we will be taking “church” home with us into two or three home churches. Then we will continue gathering as a big group at the end of each month, and celebrating what God is doing among us.


March 7th
Saturday night 5-8 pm at Joe & Deb Lorsungs (6868 Hwy 95 NE, North Branch. It’s about 6 or 7 miles East on Hwy 95 out of Cambridge, and look for the balloons on the mail box across from the driveway). Bring Italian food to share!

March 14th
Saturday night 5-8 pm, same place (Food to be figured out)

March 22nd
Sunday night 5-8 pm, (Food and place to be figured out)

March 28th
Celebration Gathering – (tentatively at Historical Society on the Fairgrounds)

We are working through the basics of what “home church” is about and some of the “why?”s of the movement that is, trying to simplify what it means to be “church”, and to walk together with Jesus Christ. We are having some great discussions!

more info: call bob at 763 221-4760, or e-mail me at