Two of the four Spiritual Warfare Workshop sessions being held at First Baptist in Cambridge are completed now. The purpose of these is to equip believers for freedom, and so to lead in the spiritual battle to recover ground for God’s Kingdom.
(more info is available at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=116988511720361 )

Too long we have been vulnerable to the strategies of an enemy we cannot see, who wages a daily battle for our thoughts, emotions and decisions. Too many days we have walked out without spiritual armor on to ward off these strategies against us, and have wondered how we could veer off course so easily.

The fifty or so people coming to the Workshop will be better prepared to win – to stay free of the enemy’s snares and attacks and keep on course with Jesus Christ. The class will stay open for the last two sessions on June 22 and 29 – all are welcome.