Following a Wild Messiah

We are being challenged lately by the attention we are giving to the life of Jesus Christ – as His followers. I was told recently by a pastor friend that he didn’t think we could be followers of Jesus…I am not sure what was meant by that because it seems like the last directions Jesus gave to His guys: Go make disciples of all people…teaching them to obey all I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:19,20) Anyway, one common thread in our experience on The Journey is that of pain. Now, in a culture that really does worship comfort, it is hard not to go down the road of thinking that if we were really being “good”, or doing what God wanted, we would be “blessed” and not be experiencing such discomfort.

It is what we are seeing about the impact of Jesus coming to the world, his community, and to the personal lives of others that is reshaping our thinking on this. Think about it: His birth (which we just got done remembering in “Christ-mas”) triggered the slaughter of every child under two years of age in the Bethlehem region; His dedication prompted a prophet to report to His mother that a “sword will pierce even your own soul”. His invitation to follow Him was given with a “take up your cross and follow me”. In the face of our taste for the comforts of this world, getting involved with Jesus is always a disturbing proposition. Yet people have still been doing just that for the last 2000 years, despite the cost.

Here is our study outline – Sort of a “warning label” for following
Jesus, the Wild Messiah. For all who are tagging along, it’s OK if you occasionally feel like you are dying, because it’s the only way His life can really move in.
Grace & Peace