First Week in Monrovia

So we have been here for 4 days, and we are now meeting with a group of young men every evening at 7:00 p.m. to train them in discipleship and Jesus-style leadership. The Manual is helpful as a teaching guide, but we are of course seeking to follow the lead of the Spirit of God – and even last night we had three of the guys stay after for prayer and Spiritual Warfare. We saw freedom –  and so did they!

We are also “re-homesteading” a house outside of the city, just a stone’s throw from the ocean. 

We run a generator a few hours in the evening for lights and to recharge our computer and phone batteries. No running water so we take “bucket baths”. We cook with a propane stove indoors – because the weather here is like Hawaii: stays between 65 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit all year round – so windows are always open and designed to keep rain out. It’s like camping in a house!

The city shows the scars of civil war yet, but is in the process of restoring infrastructure. There is a really interesting mix of native and  modern culture, and the traffic in the city truly has its own “language”:

Motorcycles are used as cabs as well as regular cars, but are totally exempt from traffic laws! They may come from any direction and weave between cars, even driving against traffic! It’s a bit scary at first.

Tomorrow I will be speaking at a church in New Georgia. Please pray for fruit to continue here, as the Lord leads you. Grace and Peace.