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The Permanent Revolution, by Hirsch & Catchim

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Church 3.0, by Neil Cole

The Shaping of Things to Come, by Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost

Yesterday I was with my brother and fellow church planter talking about the challenge of what we do – and the question came up of how do we know if we have what it takes to do this. We see people come and go – sometimes we lose friends over it. In carving a new path of followership with Jesus, we find out not everyone is up for it. It reminds me of the Revolutionary war: In the beginning there were people who saw so clearly the value of self-determination and freedom that they were willing to actually die for it. Now, 235 years later, our Congress has a bill that would fine people for not buying health insurance. Who understands what those guys died for any more? And would anybody here do it now?

How do you know if you’re that guy? We decided that if a person is ready at some point look around see no one else walking with them, and keep going anyway because what your doing is worth your very life, then you’re that guy.

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