On April 25th at the Gathering, The Journey brought us to look into why Jesus had to die. We had a few passages of Scripture and divided them among three groups, who looked them up and listened to what God might be saying to us about them. When we got back together, we were all in awe of how the Spirit of God had spoken to us – we were energized by the power of God and how He had set up so many events in history to speak of the meaning of Jesus’s sacrifice.

If you would like to follow our Journey through Scripture on this topic and see what God might say to you, here are the Scriptures for the last two weeks in May:

Week Three – Fulfillment of the Law:
(1) Jesus fulfilled the requirement of the law, that sin results in death, but since He had no sin, His payment could be applied to us. He drank our cup of judgment, and gave us His cup of “blessing”. (Matt. 20:22, 26:39, John 18:11, 1Cor. 10:16)
(2) Jesus as Son of Man and Son of God holds both delegated dominion and effective dominion in this world (Matt. 28:18).
(3) Through His perfect sacrifice He prepared us for adoption (Galatians 4:8ff) and restored our spiritual dominion/authority in this world (Ephesians 2:6).

Week Four – The Lamb of God has Unique Authority
(1) Jesus identified as the Lamb of God (John 1:29)
(2) Jesus worshipped as the Lamb who is Worthy (Rev 5:12)

We will be jumping into a new topic starting May 30 at our Gathering in the City Park in Cambridge (5 to 8 p.m.) – “HEALING & ADDICTION” . All are welcome to hang out with us there!