Tonight I got to speak with a band of guys who were ministering down at the Marie Sandvick Center in Minneapolis. Like so many others who hear about what we are doing in the Cambridge-Isanti area, they were curious about how we are doing leadership. Without exception, the people I have talked to who have tried house church have always run into leadership problems.

Last night I was talking to someone who was wrestling with the high value we place on “vulnerability” with leaders, and it occurred to me how the level of “grace” (as opposed to “shame”) that is going on in any given group of any size is directly related to the vulnerability of the leaders. It’s the leadership that let’s everyone know how safe the group is (and by implication, how safe our God is) by how much they share of their own weaknesses – not for shock value, but truly with the purpose of showing confidence in the grace of God.

We are spending the next few weeks digging into the grace of God and how huge it is. Here is our study outline on it:

I will be writing more on this, but I would really like to hear some comments on this topic. What reasons do you hear as to why leaders are not more vulnerable?