In first century Athens, Acts 17 records that many there “spent their time in nothing other than telling or hearing something new”.They also had an altar there to an “Unknown god”, which Paul referred to in his gospel message to them.

There are many places we can go today that have pictures of Jesus, crosses and religious art of various kinds – and yet to many who are familiar with these images, Jesus Himself is “unknown”, that is He is not recognized as someone you follow every day. He is “preached”, but not known: His Kingdom message, His healing and deliverance ministry are stories in most places – acts to be remembered and rehearsed as proof of why we “believe” in what He did back then. Our response today is mostly to be nice and keep going to church every week, while the living Jesus remains unknown.

This Jesus who we read about is alive. He still calls followers – still heals; still sets captives free; still forgives sin; still upsets people in power. We can be one of His if we take everything else in our life and put it under Him – including our life itself. This Jesus can be known – He lives!